THE LAST TREASURE OF ANCIENT ENGLAND BY M. J. COLEWOOD #Young Adult and Teen #Mystery #Historical @mjcolewood



It is 1066 and in the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings the lifeless corpse of King Harold has been looted. The disappearance of a particular item enrages Duke William, and only one of his knights knows its whereabouts. In his remaining years this knight has to make a decision: will he ever share his secret, or take the greatest enigma in English history to the grave?

Centuries later, when Chester Bentley arrives at his new Devonshire boarding school, he is unprepared for the mystery it conceals. The discovery of an age-old riddle lures him and his new friends into a quest to uncover the secrets safeguarded by the stately manor house. Hidden somewhere in the county is an extraordinary treasure and the school holds the puzzling key to its surprising location.

But something is lurking in the dark, shadowing them each time they venture out from their dormitory at night, and a ghostly legend puts fear into the bravest of pupils. In their last year at the remote school time is running out; so can they succeed where others have failed, and even died, in a chilling hunt to reveal the last treasure of ancient England?



I was never big on history when I was at school but wow I know now that what was missing was the passion of someone that loves it teaching me. These two author friends have combined a well known historical event, The Battle of Hastings in 1066 and a boarding school mystery to create an absolutely fantastic book. I was delighted to be reading a story, that in so many ways, reminded me of the Famous Five with a touch of a supernatural element to enhance it even more. This is a brilliant Young Adult and Teen mystery thriller.

The story of the invasion of Britain was superbly told as it brings to life the different fighting skills and strategies of both Normans and Saxons in huge battles.  Unfortunately, the horrendous wipe outs of whole villages had become common place but it was the individual stories of the soldiers that really sold me especially with one particular good man. It is through him that the story in the future is made.

When Chester Bentley arrives at a remote boarding school that is steeped in its own history going back 1000 years, he gets the funny feeling that something special is going to happen. An adventure that is brought to life with a special word. It is here that no one in the past has been able to solve an age old riddle but there is great danger in this school of secrets.

There are such great moments in this book, from the battles I loved to the schools super sleuths where at times boys were scared and girls were daring. I had such a heart in my mouth moment regarding an unusual way to get up trees, brilliant but definitely not to be tried at home. This book would make a great read in school. The children would be riveted to it. Loved it and this is only book one in the series. Highly recommended.



About us…

After years of talking about books, Mark and I decided to join forces and write The Last Treasure of Ancient England. The inspiration for the book came from Mark’s own boarding school days in the 1980’s at Buckland House School in Devon. The old manor house captured his imagination as did his History teacher who explained its historical connections. Mark became a teacher himself and later obtained an MA in History.

I have loved stories since my father invented his own for her at bedtime (and I usually changed the endings). I read my way through the children’s section of the local library like Roald Dahl’s Matilda, and presented my first book to her headmaster at the age of eight. After graduating from Durham University with a degree in English I went on to train as a teacher.

We are both members of the Exeter Author Association:

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Twitter: @mjcolewood


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