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DC Mel Cotton is back with a brand new case, the murder of Duncan Bennett. But who would want an unassuming warehouse worker dead?

The case soon becomes far more complex and dangerous, with terrorists, a paedophile network and a hitman in town. And against a background of rising hatred and violence, one woman pursues her deadly revenge.

Mel and her colleagues face their greatest challenge yet. Mel’s own courage will be tested to the limits. No-one is safe.

Fatal Hate is the thrilling sequel to the much-acclaimed Fatal Trade by the brilliant Brian Price


Fatal Hate


This is the second book in the DC Mel Cotton series, and I felt that it had a lot to live up to after loving Fatal Trade so much. Well, the author Brian Price did himself proud with this one.

When Duncan Bennett is found dead, not far from where he worked, no one knows why anyone would want him dead. Duncan had portrayed himself as a boring no-body, but there was far more to him than anyone released.

When DC Mel Cotton and the team began to dig deeper into Duncan’s life, they soon found themselves in a dangerous place. There is so much going on in this story, and the bad guys always seem like they are one step ahead. Just writing about this story makes my back shiver and the back of my neck tingle.

I took to a new character in this story, a hacker who was willing to go further than anyone would ask him to go. But would it be a step too far? There are people in high positions that could have him silenced. I just hoped that he made it through.

Mel has some hard decisions to make. Firstly she doesn’t know who she can trust and who will believe what she suspects. Oh wow! In some books, you want to feel the rush again. That punch the air moment. The same feeling I got with this. I love this series. This book gives me a tense and believable story, with characters that at times have to go it alone.

When I came to the end of this story, I knew it would not be easy to fill the hole it left. Roll on number three. I am waiting already!


Brian Price is a chemist and biologist who retired from the Environment Agency in 2016. He is the author of Crime Writing: How to write the science and runs a website offering tips on science for crime writers (www.crimewriterscience.co.uk). He is an avid reader of crime fiction and has also written a number of short stories, one of which was a runner up in the Weston-super-Mare Literary Festival 2019 and another was short listed in the Chorley Writers Circle competition in 2018. He taught science and technology courses for the Open University for 26 years. Previous books include P for Pollution and C for Chemicals (with Mike Birkin).

I wish to thank Rebecca of Hobeck Books for inviting me on the blog tour for Fatal Hate.


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