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Firstly I must thank Sarah Hardy and Bloodhound Books for inviting me to take part on this brilliant Blog Tour for A DEADLY GAME by JOANNE GRIFFITHS



Kate Palmer, an undergraduate student, discovers that she is pregnant and makes the decision to drop out of university. However, on the evening before she returns home, her body is discovered in Aston park. She is the first victim of several murders that will rock the city of Birmingham.

DS James “Jim” Wardell, who has his own issues to contend with, is given the case.

When Eddie Carter, a popular talk show host on Birmingham’s radio station, is contacted by someone claiming to be the killer, it is the start of a cat and mouse game between a deranged killer and the police.

After a second body is discovered the pressure mounts on the police to capture the person responsible.

Who is killing these women and why?

Can Jim apprehend the twisted killer before more innocent women are murdered?



One of the most horrific things that disturbed me about the killings in this book was how simple it was to end someone’s life. Yes there had to be brutal force and as I had witnessed this man in his secret role of abuser and wife beater at home, I knew how rage fuelled his strength, but I think it was more disbelief from his victims that made the conclusion a certainty. By the time they realised what was happening it was too late because this sort of thing always happened to someone else.

This is a pretty wicked book from debut author Joanne Griffiths as she took me into the minds of all the people involved in these murders. This made the story very intense and somehow took it all to a very personal and emotional level for me as it made me very involved in the story myself from every aspect. I was angry too how a label of how someone lived for a short time would be the thing that they would be remembered by not the person they were. Very sad.

I took to DS Jim Wardell a Yorkshire man now working in Aston Birmingham where all the murders were to take place and rookie Angela Watkins that had transferred into the plain clothes side of policing from uniform. They made a good match as a working team. They definitely had their work cut out on this case as the body count was steadily rising and the murderer taunted them.

Joanne Griffiths delivers to her readers a heart breaking story that is very easy to connect with and she does this with such simplicity, no completed plot to keep up with or an abundance of characters where it is easy to get lost. She is a very gutsy writer that a couple of times totally threw me in shocking ways that just left me mouth open and floored. Absolutely perfect. One thing is for sure I will be looking out her next book. She has a refreshing style that I really loved reading.




I was hooked on crime fiction after reading an Agatha Christie novel when I was a teenager. I loved the way the story unfolded, trying to work out the plot before the reveal.

Since reading that first book, my dream of becoming a writer would often take centre stage over the years and I would spend some time working on my manuscript before the idea was shelved again.

Time was often a factor. As a single parent with two young children, I returned to studying, completing a BSc (Hons) with the Open University. After graduating, I worked with SEN children who were at risk of exclusion from main stream school due to behavioural problems. I then spent several years with children outside of the school system, which kept me busy.

Following a serious health issue in 2014 though, I began to focus on what I still wanted to achieve and the desire to become a writer featured highly again. Dusting off my manuscript, I finally finished A Deadly Game and I am currently working on my second novel.

If I’m not writing, I enjoy reading and always have a book on the go. I also enjoy watching many of the police / detective / thriller series on television, still trying to work out the plot before the story’s conclusion.


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Dark Clouds Over Nuala by Harriet Steele (The Inspector de Silva Mysteries Book #2) @harrietsteele1



Set in Ceylon in the 1930s, this second book in the Inspector de Silva Mysteries offers another colourful, relaxing read as the arrival in the hill town of Nuala of the heir to an English earldom signals more trouble for the hapless Inspector de Silva and a new mystery to solve. Throw in a mega-rich Romanian count, his glamorous countess and an enigmatic British army officer and the scene is set for an entertaining mystery.

Praise for Trouble in Nuala: The Inspector de Silva Mysteries #1

“This is an unexpected treasure. Set in 1930s Ceylon. It is an interesting look at colonialism from the colonial side. I was engaged from the first page and kept in thrall until the end. Inspector DeSilva and Jane are well drawn characters and I plan on following them through further adventures.”

“The sweltering heat and dazzling light of Ceylon in the 1930s pour out from the pages of “Trouble in Nuala”. Shanti de Silva, Nuala’s police inspector, navigates the complexities of colonial society under British Imperial rule even as he unpicks the threads of a classic murder mystery. First-class entertainment, with a memorable mix of characters.”

“A captivating, relaxed read which was thoroughly enjoyable to the last page, set in a charming era, with an endearing lead character and in an interesting location.”

“Clever plotting, sharply defined characters and luscious description make this a hugely enjoyable read. I look forward to volume 2”.



This is the second book in the Inspector De Silva mysteries series and it just felt like coming home. This story is set in Ceylon 1935 in the beautiful and normally tranquil hill town of Nuala. I can imagine sitting out on the veranda sipping ice tea in the sweltering heat but with a constant reminder of the wilder side of Ceylon just over the other side of the high garden fence. Just stunning!

Inspector Shanti De Silva is very happily married to Jane an English lady and ex governess to a colonial family in Ceylon, so they come from very different cultural backgrounds. Jane often teaches cook English recipes for her husband to try and although he eats them I love how he is thinking the best ways that he could spice things up by adding a little bit or this and that, he would of course never suggest this to Jane. He really worships Jane and Jane him. De Silva’s position through his work allows them to brush shoulders with the upper classes of Nuala, They fit into this role perfectly.

There is quite a buzz in town when a very handsome and potentially wealthy couple come to visit Lady Caroline Petrie from Australia on route to England. Ralph Wynne Talbot claims to be the lost heir of the Earl of Axford and so he and his wife are returning to England to claim his inheritance.  It isn’t very long before tragedy strikes and a missing person soon turns into a death that has to be investigated. Is it suicide or something more sinister?

I love how De Silva keeps his lovely wife up to date with all the investigating that he does and how she makes little suggestions to help him. De Silva is a very laid back character. Don’t get me wrong he will keep at something until he solves it but it certainly has a very different pace in Ceylon.  There is a bit of a romance brewing too with Sgt. Prasanna, a very handsome and polite young man that is forced into making a life changing decision that Jane has to get involved with. She is so sweet and a sucker for romance.

This is turning out to be a lovely laid back murder mystery series. Hope the next book won’t be too long.



Harriet Steel grew up in London and Wiltshire but now lives in Surrey. Married with two daughters, she has worked in fields from law to libraries. Her interests are travel, history and art, all of which have inspired the four historical novels she wrote before turning to crime with The Inspector de Silva Mysteries. She reads widely, but in the mystery genre is particularly fond of vintage mysteries. She would love to go back in time for a day and have lunch with Hercule Poirot, tea with Miss Marple, and dinner at the Ritz with Lord Peter Wimsey.



Joyful Trouble by Patricia Furstenberg #Children’s Book 6-10 #Historical Africa @PatFurstenberg


Independently Published with Kindle Direct Publishing
ISBN: 978-1521089576
ASIN: B07227P973
Publication date: April 17, 2017
180 pages
Target audience: 6-10
Genre: Children,s, animals (dogs), historical (Africa)


A humorous read about an incredible dog and how he had found his true, yet unexpected calling.

A dog. A friendship. A purpose.

When a Great Dane arrives in a navy base nobody expects him to win everybody’s hearts, although breaking some rules along the way. But things soon turn sour as somebody threatens to put him to sleep. Who will stand up for this for-legged gentle giant?

Tackling universal themes and voicing animal rights and the importance of fighting for what is right.



Set in South Africa this is a wonderful uplifting children’s story which can be read by the child independently or by an adult to be listened to.

Tommy age 4 and Ana age 9 have gone to stay with their grandparents which just happens to be at the same time as the town’s 1st April Parade, a yearly event that celebrates the life of Joyful Trouble, a Great Dane that lived in Simon’s town through most of WW11.

Grandad takes the children to the parade, where great danes happily march down the road with their proud owners. That night Ana asks grandad to tell her and Tommy about how he first met Joyful Trouble and what begins as one story becomes a string of heart warming  adventures and at times mischievous and very funny cappers that this very special dog got up to and grandad too of course.

I won’t tell you about these because I want you to fall in love with this unique dog and this lovely man that is the children’s grandad. They are both very special. I loved these little stories myself, how Patricia Furstenberg descriptions are so simple and yet capture the whole essence of the love most of the town felt for this dog. Of course there is always ‘the Jobs Worth’ that won’t bend the rules but where there is a will there is a way. The name Joyful Trouble just sums this lovely dog up perfectly.

Reading this book brought back sweet childhood memories of times my mother would tell me and my brother bedtime stories of when she was a young girl. It warmed my heart. A super book to be enjoyed by any age.



Patricia Furstenberg came to writing though reading, her passion for books being something she inherited from her parents. She usually writes at her kitchen table, early morning while the kettle hums or in her car, while she waits for her children to come out from school. “When I write, I write,” she usually says. When she’s not writing she likes to read, listen to music, dance and bake.
One of the characters portrayed in her children stories is Pete, the yellow toy elephant. Not many know, but Pete exists and lives in Pat’s home.
This Romanian born writer is living happily with her husband, children and dogs in sunny South Africa.

Patricia Furstenberg Author Page and Blog:

88 Guys for Coffee by Diane Solomon #Humour # Contemporary Women’s Fiction @dianesolomon @EloquentRascals


Abandoned and feeling lost, her self-worth in tatters, Laura decides to try online dating sites. What an education. And what a long, five years she has ahead.

Hilarious and heartbreaking, soul-searching and spiritual, “88 Guys for Coffee” shares Laura’s roller coaster of experiences as she searches for her soul mate, for her true partner in life.

No matter how crazy it gets, no matter how disillusioned she becomes, she can’t give up. She won’t give up.

Laura learns all there is to know about online dating, but she learns the most about herself.



Isn’t this cover just fab and the title just made me smile. Imagine 88 guys for coffee, from that I guessed that a lot of them didn’t get asked back for a second cup! Diane Solomon based this novel round some of the actual events from her own life, changed the main character to Laura and all of the gentlemen in the book were given new names, but some of the events were real. Some fluffed up a bit and others a little imagination. The thing is you can’t tell which is which.

OMG this is just such an hilarious book, I know I shouldn’t find pleasure in someone else’s down falls but at times I just had to stop reading because I couldn’t see any more, it was just so very funny.

When Laura finds herself starting over again on the dating scene she decides that the best way to go about it is through dating agencies. Well yep I can see that, you can see  what the guy looks like, read about what they like to do and get to now them a little through email, then phone calls then perhaps dinner. Now to me that is a sound plan but not everyone is honest and darn it Laura definitely has the ability to find the sleaze balls from these sites. Ok it may be just that the guy is 6 inch shorter than he said but it is still a lie but there is much worse, some are users the will break your heart and destroy your faith in men.

It is like she says, ‘I had so many blind dates I should have a free dog’

If I was asked to describe this book I would say that I laughed page after page with the wonderful wicked way she recreates these perfect hilarious moments but there are also some serious times too, where she offers the stuff to look out for to stop you getting hurt like she did. How to spot the dodgy blokes that are just out to put another notch on the bed post before they take off. The ones after money and sometimes the ones that are still married! This is page after page of shear pleasure as well as some sound advice. Just loved it whole book.

Just remember too, not everyone was bad, 88 was definitely a keeper!



Diane Solomon, author, enjoyed a wonderfully diverse career path that included her own variety show on BBC TV in England. As a performing artist, she opened for both Glen Campbell and Kenny Rogers during major tours of England, Europe and Africa. Now focusing on writing, Diane lives in beautiful Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, with her husband, Mark Carey. She has written several non-fiction books in the fields of nutrition and homeopathy, plus has ghost-written and/or edited seven books for clients, in various fields. In November of 2015, Eloquent Rascals Publishing released Diane’s first book, which is non-fiction, entitled, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A guide to the homeopathic treatment of CFS/M.E.”. This book is a best seller in Amazon’s homeopathic section. In late 2016, Eloquent Rascals published “The Ravenstone: The Secret of Ninham Mountain,” her first novel written with her husband, Mark Carey, who is a retired biologist, naturalist, and accomplished voice-over artist. June 2017 sees the release of Diane’s fictional memoir, “88 Guys for Coffee,” the tale of Laura’s five-year online dating odyssey, as she searches for love, for her true partner in life.


Read the first three chapters here:



Environmentally Friendly by Elias Zanbaka #Short Story







Wow this has such an explosive opening and I hadn’t a clue what the hell was going on. A mad man running amok with a flame thrower and a chainsaw through the streets of Los Angeles setting trees on fire and chopping others down. Why weren’t the army of police officers that were close on his heels, bringing him down?

Sgt Major Bushell, an army veteran had outwitted the specialised team that were there to help him. He had escaped just a week before they were ready, now people had been hurt but now he was been steered in the right direction. This was his only hope to get some sort of closure. This was his last chance or the police marksmen would end this.

This is a pretty brilliant story and believe it or not told in a whole 19 pages. Not a single word is wasted and every action had a purpose. Elias Zanbaka definitely has a talent for reaching an audience and engaging them. I wanted more. I wanted this story with back stories on these characters. I wanted the story before I was running down the street at the side of this mad man because I wanted to know him and his men. I hope that this author does write another book but more of it next time.

Now if you are intrigued do check out Amazon as my download was free just please leave a review.







Love Life & Dreams by Rebekah Louise #Short Stories @RebekahBe4


As Alice tries to support her sister, Emma, following her heart breaking marriage, little did they know what the ‘Doctors Orders’ would lead to.

A successful businessman and loving father’s life is turned upside down when ‘Julie’ visits the office.

Share in Louis and Emma’s love and imagination in ‘Live the Dream’.

‘Note to Self’ introduces us to James, a top radio DJ, who is forced to reflect on his life’s values.

Life for Ania, a cleaner in a five-star hotel, is arduous and her future looks bleak, that’s until she meets a guest in ‘Suite 200’, who challenges her perspective



This is a book of only 57 pages and contains 5 very short stories, mainly with, ‘the morale of the story’ kind of warning. For me the stories were more of a coffee time break quick read rather than take on holiday for the side of the pool.

Each of these stories have very strong female characters in them with some directed at punishing the male characters for past deeds against family and friends. This includes using blackmail tactics.  It did exaggerate some of the types of behaviour of certain men which would just normally be put down to selfishness and arrogance, but  in one story particularly the vengeance was leaning more to the side of ‘single white female’  spectrum rather than just pay back.

There are also some more light hearted stories too, which do have that good feel factor about them.

I would like to see this author writing a novella with just one story. I am sure it would definitely hold the readers attention if any of these 5 are to go by.



Rebekah Louise is 32 and lives in Worcestershire with her husband and young son. When she is not busy chasing her son around or writing, she enjoys reading, Pilates and spending time with family and friends preferably in cafes sampling the coffees and cakes.

Love, Life & Dreams is her first collection of short stories that she has published.

Twitter name is Rebekah Louise  @RebekahBe4




Policeman Pete and The Jumping Frog, Book 3, A Barbara Ann Book #Blog Tour @policemanpete @AuthorightUKPR

Firstly I just want to say thank you to Rachel Gilbey of Authoright,  for inviting me to be part of this lovely blog tour for The Policeman Pete Books, in the Barbara Ann Book series. A delightful set of children’s stories following the fictional character Policeman Pete in his daily activities. All the books within the series are based on true occurrences that have taken place in Saddleworth, a civil parish made up of 7 villages nestled within the foothills of the Pennines in North West England



This short story happened a few years ago to one of the farm labourers as he was working on repairing a dry stone wall. The frog actually jumped down the front of his shirt to the great amusement of his co-workers.

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Oh this is such a delightful story that centres around village life and the surrounding environment. These books encourage children to respect and help people and animals both domestic and wild.

Policeman Pete is first on the scene when the garden wall of Mr. and Mrs. Pollitt’s cottage falls down. He has to make sure the area is safe. The Pollitt twins Harry and Emily are enjoying playing when Harry finds a frog in a very unusual place indeed!

My grandson loved this book with it’s simple yet very colourful pictures on every other  page, which made the story as visual as the words did. It encouraged him to tell the story through the pictures back to me the more we read the book together. There was even the opportunity through the pictures to expand and ask questions myself about colours, happy and sad faces and even explaining that we don’t all like the same things and that it is ok to be different.

I loved that this enforces to children that people like Policeman Pete are there to help everyone. I also liked the picture that also shows him out of uniform relaxing at home after he has finished his day’s work.

3   Policeman Pete says that you should not try to cross the road from behind a bus or between parked cars or even on a bend in the road. This is because you are still quite small and so the car drivers may not see you and the same goes for you, a long clear view is always needed.

For Policeman Pete’s Road Safety tip from yesterday please visit Whispering Stories – and check out Bookalicious Travel Addict for tomorrow’s tip –



Brought up and schooled in Oldham, Greater Manchester, at the age of 17, Barbara decided on a nursing career. Later, she set up her own day nursery which she ran for a few years before supporting her husband in his busy profession. Fast forward to 2013, Barbara started writing and illustrating the Policeman Pete series. She currently lives at Brimmycroft Farm, in the small Saddleworth village of Denshaw, Oldham with her husband, horses, geese, ducks and cats. She is an active participant in charities involving law enforcement including the Blue Lamp Foundation. She has previously appeared on BBC Radio Manchester and been featured in the Oldham Advertiser and the Manchester Evening News.

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The Policeman Pete books are ideal for children aged between 3 – 6 and are perfect gifts when bought as a set.